Pet Danger – Escape Artists

Escape Artist

This Warning of the Week comes from another real experience when Annette Linda’s mom, became “mommy” to a new rescue dog “Poppy”. This lovable Shih Tzu should maybe have been called Houdini rather than Poppy for we discovered that she is capable of escaping from almost any harness or collar we tried.

We discovered it is really difficult to not only put a harness on Poppy, but one that works. According to Judy, the savvy owner at the pet bakery  this situation is really common for puppies and small-necked dogs as it is easy for them to back out of a harness when their constant pulling does not work for them. She was right. Our thanks to Sweet Paws for taking in Poppy, caring for her, and making sure she was going to a safe and loving home.

The Solution, always make sure that the collar or harness is well secured and is the appropriate size for your pet. Go here for a secure Wrap-N-Go harness

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