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Warning of the Week

Pet Danger – Painkillers and Your Pets

Our immediate instinct is to give our pets relief from pain, and surely a little Ibuprofen can’t hurt. Let’s start with a quote from …

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We learned about the products below as we and our community feel they cool and/or useful products. You can also buy your favorite pet food or other human products from  these links at no extra charge. We receive a small commission that keeps this site up, and we also donate 5% of the proceeds to our favorite  pet rescue.


We learned about the products below as  we and our vet feel they cool and/or useful products. If you have no interest in them please buy your pet food or other human products from these links. You will not be charged any extra fee for the food, etc. We get a small Commission from them that keeps this site up  and we donate 5% of your purchase to our favorite pet rescue.

HIPPIH Dog Car Seats for Small Dogs Collapsible Pet Booster Car Seat for Vehicles, Waterproof Puppy Car Seat Suitable for Medium Pets Under 11 lb, Upgraded

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A great value dog gate up to 36.5 inches wide.

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