Fine as kittens where they can break down lactose but as cats get older, their bodies produce less and less lactase, making it difficult for them to digest any type of milk. Since they are unable to break down the lactose in dairy products, this leaves the lactose sugar in their system for the bacteria in their intestines to ferment which can give our pets intestinal cramps and diarrhea. PetMd

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Splay No More Max

Seniors Should Not Do Splits!

We finally found the right product for our  quite zippy Daphne,  who is our 14 year old Springer Spaniel!  Really the only way you can …

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Beware of Poisonous Imposters

Queen Anne’s Lace is a very common during the summertime in New England.  The fields are full of them where we live.  Pictured above are …

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Benadryl and Dogs

Can Benadryl be a choice in treating your dog when they have an itch? You spend a ton of money at the vet and suddenly …

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