Pet Danger – Some Peanut Butter Contains Xylitol

Back at the end of November last year we warned of the dangers associated with xylitol. It exists in so many products and is used as a low-cost alternative to sugar. In recent weeks we heard of a more direct issue with a dog being fed peanut butter that contained xylitol.
After doing some investigation it looks as if there are a limited number of peanut butters that contain this sweetener and these are Go Nuts, Co., Krush Nutrition, Nuts ‘N More and P28 Foods. As many people stuff their Kong toys and/ or camouflage pet pills with peanut butter, we though it was really important to remind our followers to be sure to look at peanut butter ingredients before serving it up!
The FDA states: “Symptoms of xylitol poisoning in dogs include vomiting, followed by symptoms associated with the sudden lowering of your dog’s blood sugar, such as decreased activity, weakness, staggering, incoordination, collapse and seizures.
If you think your dog has eaten xylitol, take him to your vet or an emergency animal hospital immediately. Because hypoglycemia and other serious adverse effects may not occur in some cases for up to 12 to 24 hours, your dog may need to be hospitalized for medical monitoring.

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