Pet Danger – If the Weather Outside is Frightful…

… furry children can develop cracked paws and/or noses. Whether the temperatures are bitterly cold or blistering hot, walking without proper protection and preventive care can be damaging to your pet’s paws. Remember, your pet’s paws require care just like your hands and feet.The result of not looking them can be cracked feet and noses which will cause them to bite or lick which will only exacerbate the problem (see a natural preventative balm we discovered that has worked for many of neighbors on our Product of the Week)

This situation can also be caused through allergies and illnesses, some of the more common ones include, food allergies, Atopy (sort of like hay fever for dogs) and fleas. A redness between the paws is often an indication of this rather than just a sore pad.

If a natural balm doesn’t help heal the paw then we suggest seeing your vet.

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