Seniors Should Not Do Splits!

We finally found the right product for our  quite zippy Daphne,  who is our 14 year old Springer Spaniel! 

Really the only way you can tell her  age besides her graying muzzle  is her back legs are “splaying out” on our wood floors and she at times struggles to right herself again.  It is heartbreaking to watch as you might imagine.  We have tried every possible product claiming to prevent this from happening from several rubber and texturized booties, rubber nail covers, pad covers, nothing worked until now!

My husband finally found 1 month ago a site called They offer the Max version, that we purchased.

These are velcro cuffs that are connected to each other by a light adjustable chord.  You place on the back legs of your dog making  the length of the chord loose enough so your “best friend’  lie down,  run, climb stairs, and jump onto your furniture, bed, etc.  Daphne seems much more confident since we are using this support for her.  We only remove the cuffs when she is going to sleep at night.  She never seems to be bothered by this product and never tries to remove it  J 

This product makes Daphne and our hearts happy!

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